Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

Anybody else excited for Season 8? I can’t wait to see the battle at Winterfell!

We hope you love what we recommend! We love curating the best products for you. Just an FYI, NBG may collect compensation from the links on this page. Items are in stock in time of publication.

1. It Was Me T-Shirt. Tell em’ Olenna!

2. Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game. What better way to destroy a family than through a game of Monopoly? How about an even more cut-throat version? Will you be a Lannister and pay your debts?

3. Game of Thrones Hand of The King Pin. You too can be Tyrion! A great Game of Thrones gift that is affordable. A great groomsmen gift too!

4. Funko Pop! Game of Thrones – Night King On Dragon. Based on the thrilling conclusion of Season 7 Game of Thrones, this is an amazing gift for a Game of Thrones fan! 

5. Adidas x Game of Thrones Men’s Ultraboost Running Shoes. Adidas came out with line for Game of Thrones fans, House Targaryen, House Stark, and even the Night’s Watch! This one is for house Targaryen, with a “Fire and Blood” tag!

6. Game of Thrones Music Box. Dun… Dun… Dun Dun dun DUN. DUN DUN DUN…. I know you can hear it. This music box comes in different colors too!

7. Game of Thrones Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles. For the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons…or your living room. 

8. Game of Thrones Ankle Socks. Good for any day of the week!

9. Faux Fur Throw Blanket. Winter is c-…. ok, it’s here. Cozy up for the long night in this luxurious faux fur blanket!

10. Raw Obsidian Dragon Glass Necklace. Prepare for the White Walkers with this Dragon Glass necklace!

12. Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Wing Scale Necklace. For representing house Targaryen, this beautiful dragon scaled necklace is a statement piece!

13. Game of Thrones Stickers (20 pcs.). Includes all of your favorite characters!  

14. Handmade Map of Westeros Wallet. Beautifully handmade, It is definitely an conversational piece when pulled out. 

15. Dragon Egg Scale Necklace. Are you ready to be the mother of dragons?

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