11 Holographic Gifts Ideas

It’s so shiny…. and preeeeeetty. A rainbow in a silver base. All of the beautiful colors all at once! Great for kids, and adults with a whimsical side. 

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1. Holographic Stickers. Shine bright with these holographic stickers! Great to slap on bottles, laptops, journals, and more. 


2. Holographic Water Bottle. This beautiful water bottle was named the “milky way”. It’s like drinking the galaxy with every sip. 

3. Holographic Roller Skates. What better way to stand out at the rink than with these gorgeous holographic skates? 

4. Holographic Phone Case. Stunning and breath taking in person. It’s subtle holographic effect has a luxurious appearance. 

5. Suncatcher Rainbowmaker. Ok, this is technically in the holo sense of things… but LOOK at the rainbows it produces!

6. Holographic Window Cover. Privacy and beautiful Holo effect for your room. Instant magic!

7. Holographic Glitter. Need more reason for Holo? I’ll give you 10 billion. This glitter can be used for any purpose, art, nails, skin, scrap-booking… the possibilities are endless.

8. Jelly Silicone Pouch. Can be used to store makeup, pencils, secrets….possibilities are endless!

9. Holographic Loose Fit Blouse. I agree. It’s a statement piece. A statement that you love holo. 

10. Gold Plated Round Opal Necklace. It’s like holding a holo world in your hands!

11. Color Club Halographic Hues Nail Polish. The swatch is gorgeous! Instantly gives you holo vibes. 

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