Gift for a Client?

Dear NBG, 

One of my real estate clients just recently opened a new branch and invited me to their opening. It’ll be a small party, and I would like to bring a gift of appreciation for their business. They are a huge client of mine, and I want to make an impression. What do you think? Also, I realize this is last minute, but the party is tomorrow!

Hi there!

Aaaah, business clients. Giving a gift to a client may feel a bit awkward when considering the business relationship you have with them. The wrong gift can seem unnecessary and pushy… I understand your anxiety in getting the proper type of gift. The good news is, you are heading to a party, a celebration… I would recommend a nice bottle of wine, or if you are willing to shell it out, a high quality Japanese whiskey. Alcohol is always accepted at parties, and this is no exception. The fact that you are bringing anything at all makes you stand out already, because no one expects it.

Hope that helps!

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