Exciting Gift Ideas for Foodies

When we talk about gifting consumables, food & drinks are a great choice. And no, I don’t mean gift baskets (what am I supposed to do with the basket afterwards?) of cheap jams and chocolates, stale crackers, questionable meats, or…bacon gum. Really, bacon as a novelty item is a terrible idea to give as a gift. Can we stop doing that?

These are items that we have tried and loved ourselves and wouldn’t mind getting over and over again.

We hope you love what we recommend! We love curating the best products for you. Just an FYI, NBG may collect compensation from the links on this page. Items are in stock in time of publication.

1. Miracle Berries For someone who is always looking for a new eating experience, this is the perfect fit. This 100% natural berry contains Miraculin, which temporarily binds to the taste buds and turns sour foods sweet! Try eating them with lemons, limes, and even pickles!

2. Hot Honey. This is one of NBG’s favorites for heat lovers. Hot sauce is a typical gift, but Hot Honey is the next level. Amazing on pizza, fried chicken (ugh, so good!), or even salads, Hot Honey is sure to be a hit.

3. A Blow Torch. Okay, who doesn’t like playing with fire? Especially when it comes to food. A small kitchen blow torch can be used for searing meats, crème brûlée, smoked peppers… the possibilities are endless. Foodies who are interested in stepping up their cooking game will love this. And please, gift to a responsible adult.

4. A Variety of Cheeses. This is a gift that I will always be happy to receive. These days, a local grocery store has a wide variety of cheeses, and a cheese monger to help you out. Pick 4-5 cheeses with varying textures and taste, pair with a baguette and a bottle of wine and you’ve just become the recipient’s most favorite person in the world.

5. High-Quality Chocolates and Candies. Yes, I know this is on everybody’s gift list, but it’s there for a reason. The problem is a lot of “gift” chocolates out there tend to be more about quantity than quality. Nothing is more disappointing than opening a beautiful box of chocolates and having them taste like cardboard. Some of our favorites are Fran’s (amazing chocolate salt caramels and chocolate sauces) or Eclipse Chocolates (try the drinking chocolates).

6. A Cooking Class. This is a gift that you can either do together or on their own. Learning new techniques and styles of cooking is especially fun for a foodie and will be a memorable gift. Check out Groupon for local, affordable classes.

7. A Whetstone. One of life’s greatest joys is cutting through a tomato effortlessly with a newly sharpened blade. And the best way to sharpen any blade is with a whetstone. The knife sharpener can even turn a dollar store knife into an amazing, sharp blade.

8. A DIY Spice Blend. Got a secret family recipe that everybody wants? This makes a great, affordable gift. Attach a recipe with your secret spice blend and voilà, you got yourself a quick, DIY gift.

9. Subscription Boxes. Who doesn’t love getting packages? There are so many different food-themed superscription boxes you can gift. Our personal favorites are Sumo Jerky, Japan Crate, and UrthBox.

What has been your favorite food gifts that you’ve received?