Wrap a Gift with no Tape and No Ribbons! (With Video)

Also featuring our second video! I’m getting a hang of this editing thing.

I discovered this brilliant Japanese method of wrapping gifts without any tape or ribbons. This method is great for eco-conscious folks who want to avoid using plastic, or for folks who don’t have tape readily available.


I must admit, it did take a little bit of practice. Watch the tutorial once through and then attempt wrapping the gift. Be patient… follow the natural creases that happen when folding it.

Make sure you use paper that isn’t too thin, because the paper needs to be able to handle a bit of pull during the folding process.

Japanese Gift pic 2

Shout out to how ridiculously beautiful this paper is! I love the gold accents.




      1. Just all the little precise folds and everything. 😀 I feel like I’d be bad at origami for the same reason.

        Or is it easier than it looks? ;P

  1. I think it takes a little practice, but anybody could do it! The key is to not use too thin of paper, since it has to be held taut at times, it has to be able to take the pull.

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