Gifting Flowers (What Colors and Blooms Mean)

With spring around the corner and various blooms popping up in floral shops, I thought I would talk about the art of gifting flowers.

Flowers are great to receive for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s day, or a housewarming gift, it can be a lovely item to give. Typically, we fetch a nice bouquet from a florist and call it a day. But did you know there used to be an entire language for gifting flowers?

An idea that was popularized during the Victorian Era, flowers and plants were used to express emotions and feelings when individuals couldn’t for a variety of social reasons. Eventually, floral dictionaries were published (floriography dictionaries) to decipher the meaning of each flora.

Giving a bouquet of flowers is wonderful, but adding a note explaining the meaning of the flower is an extra step you can take to make the bouquet even more special.


rose flower

Roses are certainly the most popular and readily available of blooms. However, different colors can signify different intentions:

Yellow – the color yellow instantly brings thoughts of joy and happiness due to their bright color. This particular hue is great to give to friends to express your exuberance of being their buddy.

Red – Classic, romantic, and a traditional way to say that you love someone. Red Roses are the perfect flower for your significant other.

Peach – When expressing gratefulness, the peach rose is the best way to say “thank you!” Its friendly color is a beautiful way to express your appreciation.

White – White is the color of innocence and purity. Traditionally used in weddings, it can also mark the start of something new.

Lavender –  This is the hue of royalty and enchantment. It is a great way to tell someone that you fancy them…enchanté!


peony flower

Peonies have the most intoxicating fragrance. With it’s many layers and delicate pink color, it’s no wonder that it represents bashfulness and compassion. It can also symbolize prosperity. You can give peonies to anyone that you wish greatness to.


Orchid Flower Stock Photos

Exotic and mysterious, orchids are one of a kind. It represents luxury, wealth, and perfection. To some cultures, it can also represent fertility because of its…shape.

Did you know that included in the orchid family is the vanilla bean? The more you know. With over 25,000 different species to choose from, this flower is sure to wow.


tulip flower

Another popular spring flower, the tulip was used as a declaration of love. It sprouts against the cold of winter, declaring that warm weather is to come.


chrysanthemum flower

With their bright colors and exploding petals, the Chrysanthemum’s message is similar to the yellow rose: joy and friendship. In Japanese culture, the flower represents utmost happiness, so much so that they have an annual chrysanthemum festival called Kiku. In Australia, they are often gifted on Mother’s day because of their nickname, “mums”.


lily flower

The clean, sharp fragrance of lilies represent humility and devotion. Lilies make a  superb anniversary flower for a significant other to show your faithfulness to them.

What’s your favorite flower to receive? I personally love getting peonies in the springtime because of their amazing fragrance. Comment below and let me know what you think!


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