Yes, There are Still Gifts That You Can Give to a Minimalist

In a world of consumerism, fast fashion, and insane student debt, there has been a growing trend to pursue Minimalism. It’s a lifestyle that many are adopting for financial, environmental, and social reasons. With that said, there are still items that you can get for your minimalist friend, it’s just about being a little more mindful.

Gifting to a minimalist is all about giving gifts that are non-tangible, consumable, and eco-friendly. We recommend avoiding personal bath products, because it is something each person has very specific tastes about.

1. Consumables. After all, minimalists are still consumers. They still have to eat and drink. Be mindful of packaging, since most minimalists are conscious about the amount of waste packaging can generate. Consumables can be:

  • Homemade baked goods, such as sourdough bread, brownies, cupcakes, etc.
  • A meal at a restaurant or a home-cooked meal
  • High quality chocolates and candies
  • Unique teas or coffee beans
  • A personal spice blend

Check out our post about other exciting consumable gifts.

2. Experiences. Think of some fun activities you could gift or do together. Create lasting memories with them and make their day. Some of the activities could be:

  • A beginner’s art class
  • A museum, zoo, or aquarium visit
  • A picnic in the park
  • Catch a movie together
  • Pampering services, like a massage or a pedicure
  • Concert tickets to their favorite band

3. Entertainment. Think of gifts that aren’t as tangible, such as:

  • An online entertainment subscription (Netflix, Crunchy Roll, HBO Now, Spotify)
  • Lend them a book you’d think they’d like.
  • Give them prose. A poem, haiku, or limerick.

4. Charity. A minimalist is generally a globally conscious person. A charitable gift in their name is a great gift. Think about what causes are important to them, and look around Charity Navigator for places to donate.

Has minimalism affected your lifestyle? I’m curious how many of you practice minimalism and how it has changed your gifting practices. Comment below and let me know how you’ve changed your habits.


  1. Great ideas! We gave out homemade jams for Christmas. Our neighbors have given us gift certificates to the movie theater each year. My children look forward to a family trip to the theater during winter break .

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