What Should I Get my Grandmother?

Dear NBG, 

Aaack help! I am about to fly out to Japan and I have no idea what to get my Grandmother. I have always brought her something when I came to visit, usually a food item, but she is sick and has a restricted diet. She is in her 80’s and already has everything she could possibly need & want. What should I get her?

Generally, I would suggest giving consumable items to people who have everything. However, it sounds like consumable items are not best idea due to her restricted diet. I think the best gift you could give her is the gift of time and your presence. Once you get there, help around the house. Take care of tasks that have been left astray. You’ll find needs that you can fill along the way. If you must give her something tangible, I would recommend a photo album. Nostalgia is great gift, especially sharing memories that you had together. Tell her how much each of those moments meant to you and it will mean a lot to her.

Hope that helps!

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