8 Gift Giving Tips That Will Make Your Gift Memorable.

Look, I’m gonna be honest with you…there is a little work involved. But if you follow these tips, I guarantee you will give a gift that will wow your recipient and make them feel special. Taking the extra time to be thoughtful can make a gift even more amazing.

1. Create A Magical Moment. A few Christmases ago, I was completely broke and could only give modest items to my family.  In order to bump up the magic, I decided to create a treasure hunt. I stayed up late the night before and hid presents all over the house and yard along with strips of clues. The clues were very specific to my family’s jokes and history. The next morning, I presented everyone with their first clues and off they went. We were laughing and scurrying to find the next clue. It generated a lot of fun and a great memory for all of us. The point is to not just give the gift, but to present it in an unexpected way.

2. Personalize It. And no, I don’t mean embroider initials into the gift. You can customize the gift wrapping with a funny drawings, a poem, and art clips from magazines. Do they love cats? Plaster the wrapping with cat memes. Are they a big Harry Potter fan? Draw the Deathly Hallows symbol or write out some Harry Potter quotes. Whatever you think will crack a smile on your recipient’s face.

3. Give the Unexpected Card. This has a little bit of dark humor involved. My friends recently got married and I gave them a bereavement card that said “Sorry for the death of your youth and welcome to the decades of responsibility ahead of you”. Another example is a congratulatory card to someone who just broke their arm. “Now you actually have an excuse to not do chores!”. No one expects those cards for those occasions… and it always guarantees a chuckle.

4. Cyber-Stalking. I’ll admit I’ve done this before to folks I haven’t seen in a while. These days, most people post their interest and activities online. They leave plenty of breadcrumb trails that will give you ideas of what kind of gift they would like. You can check their Instagram, Amazon Wishlist, or Pinterest pages for ideas.

5. Insert yourself. I once gave a cookbook to a friend and wrote in a bunch a notes and inside jokes in the book. She was absolutely delighted by my scribbles. Inserting your own notes into a gift is a wonderful way to show them you care.

6. Make Their Life Easier. Everybody has needs that even they don’t think about. Are they having a hard time balancing school and work? Get them the gift of time with a food delivery service or cleaning services. Did they just graduate from college? Pay for a resume expert to review their resume. Think of what they are currently struggling with and how a time-saving gift would help them.

7. An Experience You Can Share Together. On the subject of giving the gift of time, sometimes that is the best gift. Whether it’s sharing a meal, comedy club tickets, or a Zipline Adventure. It doesn’t always have to come in a box. Creating memories together is an instant win.

8. Be Charitable. Sometimes, you are at an absolute loss and have no idea what to get them. A gift to charity in their name will always work. Do they volunteer at a Food Bank? Donate to that Food Bank. Do they love animals? Donate to a local animal shelter.

What gifts have you received in the past that was meaningful and memorable? Leave a comment below!

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