11 Gift Ideas That Cost No Money

Sometimes, we run out of funds. And sometimes, we don’t feel like the recipient is worth it. Some people emphasize NO GIFTS, but you still love em’ and want to give them something. No worries, there are still plenty of gift ideas that are fun and memorable that don’t require any money. Here are some thoughtful gifts you can create with a little bit of effort that won’t hurt your bank account.

1. Gifts of Prose. A haiku or poem can be incredibly heartwarming. Especially during Valentines or Mother’s Day. This is also a great accompaniment to any gift. Prose is a great way to express yourself in an artful and personal way. If you are at all musical, write a limerick! Struggling with words? You can always use someone else’s words of wisdom. We recommend Poem Hunter for any type of poem you’re looking for.

2. A Media Playlist. Don’t limit this idea to just a music playlist on Spotify. The are podcasts, audio books, even YouTube playlists that you could make. Depends on who your recipient is. One of the best gifts I ever received was a YouTube playlist of memes. It was hilarious and a great moment that I could share with my friends.

3. Do Some Chores. I think it’s safe to say that most of us don’t like to do chores. Give a coupon book with different tasks such as car washing, bathroom cleaning, or doing the dishes. Housework is endless job and it’s nice to get a break and have someone else mop the floors.

4. Photo Shoot. Who doesn’t love a cool avatar for their social media page? Find a great  location, get some props and colorful outfits and have a fun photo shoot! There are plenty of photo editing apps for smartphones that can create the best pictures. To achieve a bokeh lighting effect like the pic above, try the app AfterFocus (It’s free to download!).

5. Recipe Book. Are you an amazing cook or baker? Share your best recipes with a homemade cookbook. This is a great gift to give for Christmas or Galentine’s day. You can compile recipes and add little anecdotes about each recipe. This is great for when you need to gift several people but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so.

6. Arrange a Song. If you are at all musical, this is a great gift. Whether it’s an original  or a cover, live music can bring a lot of joy. Especially if you recruit other musical friends to make it extra special.

7. A Memory Book. Do you share a lot of memories and funny anecdotes with the recipient? Compile a scrapbook with highlights of your relationship. Trip photos, funny jokes, and shared internet memes compiled in one book is an amazing gift.

8. A Neck and Shoulder Massage. Most of use spend a lot of time hunched over a computer for our jobs resulting in neck and shoulder tension. A short shoulder massage can be amazing. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to give a proper massage. This is a gift that will surely be appreciated. However, best reserved for spouses and significant others.

9. Free Events. If you live in any of the major cities, chances are there are plenty of free events happening everyday. Take someone with you to enjoy that event. Offer them a ride and make the day all about them.

10. Crossword Puzzle. Did you know that you can make your own unique crossword puzzle? This is definitely a great way to personalize a gift. Make all of the clues about the recipient.

11. Binge Watch Movie Night. Who doesn’t love a cozy night in watching movies? Make a night of it. Encourage sweatpants, themed treats that you can make together, maybe even a drinking game (Drink responsibly ya’ll). And what better way to make the whole experience more cozy than a blanket fort? Use aaaaallll of the pillows.

I’d love to learn what you’ve given in the past that didn’t cost a penny. Comment below 🙂

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